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1 in 8

women this year will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S.

Thousands of women will not receive the lifesaving screenings and treatment they need because they lack access to quality breast care and resources. In Georgia, breast cancer is the leading cancer diagnosed among women.

Our team is taking to the streets in a mobile breast clinic designed to bring valuable care to the places people need it most, in their own communities. We need your support. Through partnership with our organization you will help increase awareness about breast cancer education, screening and treatment programs and support the men and women who are trying to end this disease.

Breast Cancer Stats in Georgia


of Georgia counties are considered medically underserved.


of Georgia counties do not have mammography machines.


of Georgians do not have health insurance, making Georgia the 6th highest uninsured state.


of breast cancers have already spread beyond the breast when they are diagnosed.


Sisters By Choice is a not-for-profit breast cancer support organization committed to addressing the health concerns faced by men and women in Georgia.

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Our Mobile Solution

Operating as an all-inclusive screening and diagnostic unit, our mobile breast clinic will work with the medical community in underserved areas of Georgia to provide breast care where access to resources is lacking. The SBC mobile breast clinic will travel throughout the state bringing advanced technology for early detection and treatment. With breast specialist doctors delivering and directing full-service care on-site, we estimate that a single mobile clinic will perform over 3,000 screening exams each year. By taking our services on the road, we eliminate many of the largest obstacles keeping men and women from the care they need. Through awareness, advocacy and action, we will provide patients and their families with crucial support — right where they are.

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Our Vision

  • To continue to be a leading provider of innovative programs that educate the public about breast cancer
  • To support men and women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families
  • To partner with other breast health advocacy groups to help eradicate the disease

Our Mission

To significantly reduce the incidence and severity of breast cancer by delivering innovative programs that:

  • Increase breast cancer awareness, education and early detection
  • Provide treatment programs for underserved and uninsured men and women
  • Establish a network of support group chapters that provide resources, information and counsel to individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and their families

Our Services

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Treatment referral and access to clinical trials

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Patient navigation and prevention education

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Comprehensive diagnostic testing

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Digital mammograms with remote radiology support

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Breast examinations

Our Target Groups

The first group is comprised of men and women who may or may not have insurance or the ability to pay for standard breast care. For this audience, the mobile clinic will provide convenience and accessibility in the hopes of removing traditional barriers to health care. Given the relationship between early breast cancer detection and survival, our goal is simply to increase the rate and volume of early detection.

The second group will focus on men and women who have insurance and the ability to pay, but for myriad reasons, do not have access to quality breast health services in their community. The mobile breast clinic will address this need by bringing services directly to their community.

Our Objectives

  • Make state-of-the-art breast cancer and breast health services available to more medically underserved communities
  • Reach and educate audiences about breast cancer to promote actions that will result in early detection
  • Help individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and their families effectively navigate the road to health
  • Provide medical breast cancer resource options to individuals who may or may not have insurance or the ability to pay
  • Facilitate the establishment of local breast cancer support groups

Get Involved

Volunteer Time

Dedicating time is an important and personal way of showing you care. We always welcome volunteers to help us run events and support those who have been affected by breast cancer. By reaching out to these men and women, you can offer encouragement, friendship and a chance to find strength in our community.

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Our passion is great and our needs are many. We are counting on your support to help fund the efforts of our mobile breast clinic. Whether your contribution is large or small, every penny goes toward changing the lives of those with breast cancer.

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About Us

Sisters By Choice (SBC) is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) support organization committed to addressing health challenges faced by men and women with breast cancer.

We are dedicating our efforts to building a unique mobile clinic that can facilitate remote screening and diagnostic services. The goal is to help address the lack of breast cancer care available across parts of Georgia by providing timely and adequate diagnosis and treatment.

The funds we raise will benefit SBC’s Mobile Breast Clinic. It will provide screenings, diagnostic services, treatment referrals, education and access to clinical trials to medically underserved and uninsured men and women in rural and urban Georgia. The complete diagnostic care offered by our unit will make this clinic historic. It will be one of the first of its kind in Georgia, and among the first in the nation.

At SBC, we are women and men from all walks of life — from every social, economic, ethnic and religious background. We have chosen to come together and fight a common enemy that never discriminates. We are committed to making a difference!

By working together to deliver health and hope on the road, we will inspire strength and encourage change. We will fight breast cancer. We will win.

Board of Directors
  • Rogsbert Phillips-Reed, MD, Founder
  • Tracy Reed, Chairman
  • James Dong S. Ahn
  • Katina Asbell
  • William Bennett, Ph.D., MSHS
  • Jeanne Calloway
  • Wilma Cordy
  • Camille Davis-Williams, MD
  • Lisa DiFrancesco, MD
  • Jocelyn Dorsey
  • Karen Godette, MD
  • Naomi Kirkman-Bey, MD
  • Celia Mamby, MD
  • Albert Losken, MD
  • Gabriela Oprea-Ilies, MD
  • Yara Robertson, MD
  • Romeo P. Stockett Jr., Ph.D., MPA
  • Lourdes Mavel Summers
  • Cynthia A. Warrick, Ph.D
  • Cathy Evans
  • Judge Glenda Hatchett
  • William Lovett
  • Melinda Jolley
  • Mortin David Walker, Esq.
  • Karen Webster-Parks
  • Sandra White, MD
  • Ambassador Andrew J. Young

Contact Us

Sisters By Choice
5910 Hillandale Drive
Suite 104
Lithonia, Georgia 30058

Phone: 770.987.2951
Fax: 678.418.3995